News papers & magazines of Pakistan had intention for a long time that such a forum should have been established in which regional, small publishers of news papers, chief editors and editors could solve their problems freely. Because some particular news papers publishers had established / setup institutions to resolve their problems. But there is no such an institution through out Pakistan which can raise the voice to solve the problems of regional and small newspapers. In this connection Mr. Rana Imran Latif (publisher & chief editor) of “The Unity Times”, Daily “Urdu Times” Islamabad and Daily “Sepahr Times” took a bold step to get this great objective with the consultation of their colleagues to create such forum which can resolve the problems of those such news papers and represent them. The name of this forum is “All Pakistan Newsaapers & Editors Forum”


The session was held in this regard on 5th October, 2010 at regional office with the presence of sixty members. The election was held in this regard and President Senior Vice President, Vice President, Secretary General, Finance Secretary, Secretary Information and Joint Secretary were chosen and 20 members were selected for executive council.

The decision was taken in inaugural session that committees will be formed on Divisional & Provisional level.

Central office, Islamabad.


Formation of such a pivotal / central organization which motto is to secure the interest of working leaders of the Chief Editors, Editors publishers of the news papers.

• The promotion of science, art, literature and journalism in the country.

• Create such matter which develop patriotism and point out that matter which is published anti Pakistan .

• Laws and constitution will be given priority and no illegal and unconstitutional matter will be published.

• Important steps will be taken after every month to purify and improve the efficiency.

• Consultation will be held and every member will present his efficiency in black & white.

• Any member will be able to change with two third majority and all decisions will be done with democrative way.

• collectively efforts will be done to solve the problems of all the members.

• In conveying session, Rules & Regulations will be formed and written reminders will be presented to make organization strong.

• Efforts will be done to establish the trust for their members and suggestions will be taken in conveying session.

All Pakistan Newspapers & Editors forum in surveying the newspapers & magazines of Pakistan to collect data of the members to make directory. The efforts to get prestige & dignity of all working members who are working in newspapers.

Allotment of plots for all members of APNEF with the collaboration of developing institutions. To be a part of this forum just to fill the forum and membership fee is Rs: 2500 in beginning. Every member will get equal rights after filling this form. Priority will be given those members who are senior in experience & age.

Those who have intention to be a part of institution and interested to take part in election will deposit draft or cheque in the name of institution which is non-refundable. Amount will be as follows regarding posts.

President – (Rs: 15000/-), S.V.P – (Rs: 12000/-). Gen.Sec. – (Rs: 10000/- )

These amounts will be considered as charity for the institution.

The members of executive body will deposit 5000/- election will be held within two weeks. The formation of election commission will be decided in conveying session. Polling will be done directly with the votes of members of forum.

Chairman will be selected for five years. Governing body will choose chairman after five years for the next five years by executive session.

Member can keep two portfolios of Chairman & President. President of forum will be the leader of Executive body. Session will be convened after thirty days and he will preside and decide on democratic base except his vote.

The president will take any step with the consensus of all members of the executive body.

The president can become the publisher chief editor of the institution.

The leaders of the institution have authority to take part in the election of executive body. Members will be eligible to become Chief Editor & Publisher, Editor, Group Editor, Resident Editor, Executive Editor in the APNEF.

2. Vice President:- There would be two VPs one male & 2 nd female. They can take decision in absence of president and will preside the session of executive body.

3. General Secretary:- General Secretary is the most important member and will present all the reasons of every session in black & white. Members of executive body are 20 in beginning. These people will be like a cabinet of this forum and will be authorized to cast vote on different problems. V.P will be elected from every province & executive member will be taken from every division of AJK.

4. Election Commission of the Forum

Permanent setup of election commission will be made whose leader will be senior journalist who will arrange the election one by one vote of the member. Election will be held every year and former body will dissolve. Chief Election Commissioner will be authority. President and Vice President and General Secretary will inform in black & white to chairman to resign.

Chairman will get approval from General council. Session of General council will be called after every six months. If president resigns, chief election commissioner will convene the session of general body which will decide the approval of resignation. If resigns approves then selection of president will be held with in fifteen days.